“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do…..”

Mark Twain

Liz and Sean’s most recent employment was managing a vacation rental company in the seaside town of Destin Florida. Together they managed 90+ homes and condos on behalf of the individual property owners, two offices, office staff, all housekeeping and maintenance teams, marketing and sales execution, as well as all contractor relationships and oversight.

Together they are a professional, loyal, dynamic, discrete and trustworthy team. They specialize in servicing and managing large estates, ranches, and other properties. Leveraging their experience and accumulated best practices, they provide a high level of service and the highest quality end product–all in support of delivering an above expectations experience.

Below are some key elements that embody them as a team. If you are interested in learning more about their individual backgrounds, please visit Liz’s or Sean’s individual page.

Why Hire Liz and Sean?

There are a number of core reasons why hiring Liz and Sean is a solid investment for your family or organization. You will find they have a detailed and proven plan for housekeeping and maintenance programs, an ability to maintain large scale homes, manicured yards, gardens, barns, recreational elements, vehicles and ATV’s, remote locations, seasonal needs such as winterizing, they have a natural ability to function as personal assistants, and you will find that they are also a dynamic duo in the kitchen.


Sean and Liz have the skills and expertise to manage properties, staff, events, bills and payments, vendors and contractors, and travel between properties all while maintaining the highest standards for the principal. Their skill sets are quite varied and flexible, where they crossover they are able to seamlessly support each other. But their real strength is that they are willing to learn and continually adjust to the principals needs.

They have identified their strengths and weaknesses and have devised a system by which tasks get tackled in the most efficient manner with the highest quality output produced. With elements such as planning, communication, execution and inspection, they are masters of knowing when a project is best approached together or it is time to divide and concur. Whether a tent needs to be set up in a storm at 20,000 ft, or a villa needs to be readied for pending guests, Sean and Liz will work together to get it done, done well, and done on-time.

Flexibility / Adaptability

Having worked for small and large companies, families and governments, and having traveled the world, Sean and Liz are highly skilled at changing plans and adapting to the current conditions. They have developed a process by which they are able to assess any given situation, identify obstacles and opportunities, and determine the best course forward based on this new information and changing landscape. While planning is a core element of their success, the ability to improvise, adapt and overcome is what helps set them apart.


Over the course of their 15 years together, Sean and Liz have developed and evolved a communication system that has been tested under some of the most intense and stressful scenarios imaginable. Their ability to “read the mind” of the other helps to cut through unnecessary steps and wasted time, while their system of double-checks reduces the chance for miscommunication. Their communication style is best described as professional, friendly, and efficient. 

Contractor Management

From identifying reputable agencies, to bidding and execution oversight, they are well versed in managing contractor service companies. Whether it is an appliance or a multi-million dollar construction project, they know the in’s and out’s of ensuring the end product is on target, and the costs are kept in-check.

Budgets and Financial Oversight

Because Sean and Liz have both managed different companies, they are adept at creating and managing budgets, both large and small. They are very financially responsible, and lean heavily on detailed planning and oversight systems they have created to ensure the end result is achieved at or under budget.

Staff Management

Sean and Liz have both managed teams individually and together. Those teams included employees, contractors, volunteers, seasonal hires, and remote workers. They have a lead from the front style, and measure success when the team achieves a goal, not just an individual. Sean and Liz excel in training, scheduling, day-to-day management and coaching, and performance reviews.

Here’s a collection of our favorite videos to help you learn more about us!

A brief recap of our 3-years for full-time travel
Crossing the Grand Canyon, Summiting Mt. Whitney, Mt. Rainier, and the Grand Teton
Introduction to Sean and Liz

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