Hi – we are Sean and Liz Gavin. Thanks for exploring our site! We created this blog in the Spring of 2015 to share the stories from our three-years of full-time world travel.

Playing rochambeau at our wedding…
At the top of “Coors Peak” aka Mount Wilson, a 14,252-foot fourteener in Colorado

Now the blog serves not only, as the collective memory of our travels, but also as the place where we share our thoughts, resumes, history, and general philosophy.

Thanks again for visiting our site, we’re glad you’re here. To learn more about us, we encourage you to read about our adventures and why we decided to travel. We hope you enjoy our story and find it inspiring for the adventures in your life!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. This is really wonderful–I didn’t know this about you/Sean. Oddly, I was just thinking about this kind of thing this morning–you guys are totally on to something…


  2. Sean as always I am in awe of what you and Liz have done here. Simply amazing and quite a story. You guys need to write a book, go on Ellen and Late Night shows and make enough money to retire in Switzerland! Hey in looking at the plan, I think you were working with me during that 3 year plan, so I hope I had a small part in assisting this unbelievable journey!


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