Mission, Vision, and Values


Our mission is to take advantage of every minute we have on this earth, have fun on our journey, and learn from our mistakes.


We own a vacation rental property in Destin, Florida, and are working towards purchasing a second rental property in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. Our broad-scale goal is to have passive income from investment properties, as well as direct income from our jobs, which will afford us the opportunity and time between seasons to continue the pursuit of our personal goals and ambitions. More about how we came to this lifestyle is described in this blog post.


  • We do not want to reacquire a bunch of “stuff.” Before traveling we lived a happy but restrained life, where we worked jobs that paid just enough, to pay for the place where we kept the “stuff” we never actually had time to use. We value experiences over stuff. More about that here!
  • We’d like to have animals be a bigger part of our lives. We love animals, especially older dogs, and feel that we can be of service to our community and to the animals by rescue anything that needs a home. This will take time and money to establish but it’s a goal we’re working towards.
  • We want our work to provide value to our community using our unique set of skills.
  • We want to be more self-sufficient, live more sustainably, and have a small carbon footprint. We’d like to grow at least some of our food and the food for our animals.
  • We want traveling to be a big part of our lives.


  • Treat all people and animals with compassion, respect, equality, and love.
  • Communicate from a position of love, not fear.
  • Live in loving essence! Look for the inherent good in ourselves and others.
  • Be courageously vulnerable.
  • Speak our truths with integrity and authenticity.
  • Ask questions instead of making assumptions.
  • Make agreements instead of having expectations.
  • Be good stewards of the earth and vote with our dollars.
  • Whole-food plant-based diets are good for us and the environment.
  • Democracy is not the only “good” form of government. But Vote Anyway!
  • Everything in moderation and shades of gray.
  • Avoid worrying unless it is a real possibility, AND you can take action right NOW to make a positive difference. Ask ourselves:
    • Is it true?
    • Can we absolutely know it’s true?
    • How do we react—what happens—when we believe that thought?
    • Who would we be without the thought?
  • Avoid criticizing, blaming, and judging ourselves and others. Realize that we are all wounded in some way and show loving compassion and forgiveness to everyone.
  • Shine brightly!

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