Managing Jet Lag and Long Travel Days

Having recently experienced jet lag from flying from the west coast of the US to London, I wanted to share my lessons learned from that trip, as well as from previous trips. It’s important to realize that no matter how much you prepare, for the day you jump ahead 7 or 8 hours, it’s going … More Managing Jet Lag and Long Travel Days

3 Months in Montana

Spring is starting to arrive just as we head out of Montana. The newborn calves are still too small and frail to follow their mom’s around the pasture. So they congregate in nurseries while their older relatives graze on the fresh short grass. They are a sign that it will eventually warm and green up … More 3 Months in Montana

Maui, Hawaii

Looking back on all the places we traveled in 2016, Maui stands out as one of two locations where I felt like we were on vacation. I’m attributing that feeling to the laid back atmosphere of Maui, lack of any climbing objective or agenda, and overall fatigue from two-months of travel in 3rd world countries. … More Maui, Hawaii


As our flight descended below the fog we could see the ground not far below. Up to this point, the short 45 minute flight from Kathmandu Nepal had been perfect: quiet passengers, great flight crew, free snack, and amazing views of Everest and all of Nepal’s major peaks. Suddenly the plane banked hard to the … More Bhutan

Manaslu Basecamp Trek

We signed up to do a 14-day trek with TAG Nepal that would take us from the small village of Dharapani, up and over Larkya Pass, then to Manaslu basecamp, and finally back to Dharapani. We were only doing half of the circuit, as a landslide occurred the week before we arrived, killing four people, and … More Manaslu Basecamp Trek

Climbing Mont Blanc

  There are very few purchases, that get us as psyched as buying international plane tickets. But for our Europe tour, we set a strict budget, meaning our flight schedule was less than desirable. When you’re at home, cosy in your jammies booking flights, it’s easy to ignore how taxing long-layovers and time-zone changes will … More Climbing Mont Blanc