Shiplap Accent Wall

Our beach condo was built in 1976 and updated in 2004 to include a full wall of mirrors. Despite how much larger the room felt, we decided to take down the mirrors and install shiplap.


We chose 1×8 nickel gap pine and a whitewash paint finish.

Step 1 – Remove the mirrors and prep the drywall

We hired Seaview Glass and Mirror to remove the mirrors, then we scraped off the glue gobs, filled in the holes with spackle, and lightly sanded the drywall. Once the mirrors were removed, we found that the previous owners wrote notes on the drywall during their renovation.

Step 2 – Hang the shiplap

We let the shiplap sit in our condo for 3-days before we cut it to ensure it was acclimated. We started by marking the studs with a chalk line. Then we used liquid nails and finishing nails on the bottom row. The remaining rows we just nailed up. And we painted the inside edge of the nickel gap between rows to ensure a polished look.

Step 3 – Sand and clean the shiplap

Don’t discount how important or time consuming this step is.

Step 4 – Paint

We spent quite a bit of time figuring out the right mixture of paint and water to reach the look we wanted. Even after settling on a ratio it was still a bit of trial and error to figure out how much time to let the paint sit before wiping it off.

We watched a plethora of videos to help us decide which products to use and how to do this, so thanks to all the youtubers out there. We had a ton of fun working on this project and were super pleased with the finished product.

3 thoughts on “Shiplap Accent Wall

    1. Hello Linda, Thanks for reading the post. We purchased the 1×8 nickel gap pine from home depot. I don’t believe it had a brand marking; it’s just whatever they had in stock on the floor. Hope that helps. Good luck with your project!


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