Thoughts on Lambing

3-minute read – January 2022 Sean and I first came to Ireland in May 2017 as part of a 5-week tour of the UK and Europe. On our last night in Ireland, we stayed at an Airbnb on a family sheep farm, and our connection to sheep farming began. Later that summer, we went to … More Thoughts on Lambing

A Brief Recap

Without putting in too much time or effort I wanted to create a short recap of some of the highlights from our three years of travel. At some point I may devote more time to making a proper documentary, but for now this is a fun flashback on an amazing three years of living life … More A Brief Recap


My answer: time The question: what is your most valuable possession or resource? The older I get, and the more experience I gain, the more protective I am of my time. We are all marching towards the same destiny, the day we each run out of time. Time cannot be bought, but it can be … More Time

3 Months in Montana

Spring is starting to arrive just as we head out of Montana. The newborn calves are still too small and frail to follow their mom’s around the pasture. So they congregate in nurseries while their older relatives graze on the fresh short grass. They are a sign that it will eventually warm and green up … More 3 Months in Montana

Maui, Hawaii

Looking back on all the places we traveled in 2016, Maui stands out as one of two locations where I felt like we were on vacation. I’m attributing that feeling to the laid back atmosphere of Maui, lack of any climbing objective or agenda, and overall fatigue from two-months of travel in 3rd world countries. … More Maui, Hawaii

DC, Philly, & NYC

After indulging ourselves in Destin, Florida for 6-weeks we hopped on a plane and a few trains to tour Washington D.C., Philadelphia PA, & New York City NY. Having never been to any part of the east coast, everything was new for me. If I’m honest, I have avoided visiting the US east coast. I am a … More DC, Philly, & NYC

Destin Florida

We knew we were in a new place, as soon as we stepped out of the airport our sunglasses fogged up. Yep, a little after noon in Destin Florida and the temperature was 90 degrees and the humidity was racing it towards 100. We are lucky to have some great relatives in Destin. Our cousin … More Destin Florida

The Heat Is On

After getting our permit for the next peak Mt. Langley we found a hotel room in Bishop, about 50 miles north of Lone Pine. The temperature was 105 so camping was not going to happen, which sucked because that was our plan to save money. The hotel options in Lone Pine were not great, so … More The Heat Is On